Tahini Hummus

image from amwrecipes@Flickr.com

Almost a year ago I made a trip to California to visit a long time dear friend of mine.  While there, I got to try some food that I have never had before.  The one dish that I tried that I really enjoyed was hummus.  Now nearly a year after my visit I have become more mindful of my diet.  On a quest to add more fiber to my diet I found a recipe for hummus.  I was most certainly up for the challenge to make hummus at home as good if not better than any store bought hummus.  I was surprised to see that hummus is a bean recipe.   Up until that point I could only guess who on earth had a use for garbanzo beans aka chickpeas.  According to wikipedia’s research on chickpeas, they are a “helpful source of zinc, folate and protein,”  and chickpeas are “high in dietary fiber.”  On top of all that hummus is delicious.  I’m all for things that are delicious that are also healthy.

image from amwrecipes@Flickr.com

The hummus recipe that I prepared is from About.com (I love this site!) I would not have attempted this recipe if I did not have a food processor.  A mini food processor will work just fine for this recipe and it’s finished in less than ten minutes.  I love the nutty smooth taste of tahini and the tang of lemon juice.  I prepared some this morning and I can’t wait to have cooked chicken on pita bread spread with hummus.

If you are looking for something new to jazz up your taste buds give hummus try.  You just might like it!

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