Thanksgiving pie requests are in

Betsy’s apple pie by acnatta of Flickr

Betsy’s apple pie by acnatta, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  acnatta 

“The First Law of Pies: ‘No Pastry, No Pie.”  – Janet Clarkson  Pie

I started a tradition a year ago to make one pie for every person eating a Thanksgiving meal with me.  Last year I made a key lime pie and a pecan pie.  I enjoyed making and eating those pies very much.  This year I will be making a key lime pie, an apple pie and a cherry pie. The recipes that I have collected aren’t very fancy but are classically wonderful. Thanksgiving is my opportunity to show friends and family that I am thankful for through the preparation of the meal.  My recipe selection goal was to find recipes that will deliver the flavor that my guests expect of their pie.

The key lime pie recipe that I selected is from  gourmet   This site has many useful links such as a conversion calculator and how to videos.  It is well worth bookmarking.  The apple pie recipe from caught my eye.   I like the ingredients in this recipe and that the pastry and pie filling are found in the same recipe (two thumbs up!).   The cherry pie, which is the pie I will be making for myself, was selected  for its simplicity.   I love canned cherry pie filling and this pie is just an excuse to eat the filling.   Comstock’s website (a maker of cherry pie filling) provided me with just the recipe that I needed.

Tune in after Black Friday for my review of these pie recipes.

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