My Turkey Burger Chipotle Mayo

Image by: © 2012

Usually on this website I find links of other people’s recipes and I try them out and add them to this site (which also serves as my online recipe book).  Today I am going to toot my own horn and brag shamelessly about a meal of my own.  I wont toot too loudly though as many people have made this before. I have tried in the past to make chicken and turkey burgers delicious.  But for some reason they always ended dry and bland.  This lead to mild discouragement in the search for leaner burgers and I gave up the pursuit.  Recently I have been turned on to chipotle mayo.  I just love the combination of creamy and hot together.  However, even though I liked this combination, I felt that it needed just one more thing.  I like thousand island dressing on burgers and so I added ketchup to my chipotle mayo.  Eureka!  I finally had a turkey burger that I could crave.  So now I will share the recipe with you and maybe you too will discover a way to love turkey burgers. This recipe is sized for a single burger but you can multiply it to fit your needs.  Another option for sweetening your chipotle may is to use sweet relish.

Ali’s Turkey Burger Chipotle Mayo


1/2 cup your mayo of choice

1 chipotle pepper minced (as finely as possible)

1/2 TBSP of ketchup


Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl just until blended.   Spread on burger.  Easy as that!

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