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In the past I have been biased about the Food Network recipes.  I generalized them all as most likely to have an ingredient that I would not like. To be fair, the times that I did check out the Food Network’s recipes it did have an ingredient or two that didn’t appeal to me.   I discovered an Italian baked chicken and pasting recipe by Giada De Laurentiis that is just perfect.  It is so good that I have decided to make it for Valentines day.

My boyfriend described this Italian casserole, as tasting like chicken parmesan.  It has a subtle chicken parmesan taste that both he and I enjoyed very much.  When I first prepared this casserole I was concerned that it might be dry and lacking  shazaam taste.  Boy was I wrong.  The juice from the diced tomatoes really does keep the pasta from drying out.  I also thought that maybe the bread crumbs would be too much on top of this casserole.  Not only did the bread crumbs add a nice texture to it  but it also contributed to the chicken parmesan taste.

I recommend buying enough ingredients to double the recipe for a quick, easy and delicious zapped meal.  It doesn’t take too long to prepare and  it is well worth the effort.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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