Bacon and chive cream cheese

image: amwrecipes @Flickr

Bacon and chive cream cheese.

I think that most everything tastes better with bacon.  I thought that bacon and cream cheese would be absolutely delicious on a bagel.  I tried to look for a recipe online to my surprise I could not find one.  So here is a starter recipe for you.  In my opinion it is eatable as it is but I will most certainly tweak it a few more times to make it absolutely addicting.

Bacon & green onion cream cheese spread

16 oz package of bacon

16 oz package of cream cheese

1 small bunch of  green onions

Directions:  Cook the entire 16 oz package of bacon and let cool.  Chop cooled bacon to resemble the size of Bacon bits and put aside in a bowl.  Chop the green onion into fine pieces.  In a small bowl combine the bacon, green onions and the cream cheese.  Cover the small bowl and put into the fridge for a couple of hours to let the flavor of the green onion to settle into the cream cheese.  Serve on a bagel!

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