How long are those leftovers good for?

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I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  My Thanksgiving was wonderful and delicious.   Now that Thanksgiving is over the battle for storage space in the fridge begins. The time has come for me to go grocery shopping, however, I don’t have any space in my fridge due to Thanksgiving leftovers.   I want to throw away these leftovers to make room for fresh food, but how do I justify throwing away food?   Fortunately, the answer to my dilemma was only a google search away.    According to the Food and Drug Administrations’s food storage chart, leftovers should be thrown away after three or four days.  Also, according to FDA’s  FoodSafety page,  you won’t be able to taste or smell any difference in food when it starts to go bad.  Unless you want to spend more time in the bathroom and less time in the kitchen, keep track of how long your food has been in the fridge.  I recommend writing the date  on freezer tape and putting it on the container of food.  For further reading on food storage  check out  Arm yourself with knowledge and you too will have the power to free up space in your fridge. Happy cleaning!


Bacon and chive cream cheese

image: amwrecipes @Flickr

Bacon and chive cream cheese.

I think that most everything tastes better with bacon.  I thought that bacon and cream cheese would be absolutely delicious on a bagel.  I tried to look for a recipe online to my surprise I could not find one.  So here is a starter recipe for you.  In my opinion it is eatable as it is but I will most certainly tweak it a few more times to make it absolutely addicting.

Bacon & green onion cream cheese spread

16 oz package of bacon

16 oz package of cream cheese

1 small bunch of  green onions

Directions:  Cook the entire 16 oz package of bacon and let cool.  Chop cooled bacon to resemble the size of Bacon bits and put aside in a bowl.  Chop the green onion into fine pieces.  In a small bowl combine the bacon, green onions and the cream cheese.  Cover the small bowl and put into the fridge for a couple of hours to let the flavor of the green onion to settle into the cream cheese.  Serve on a bagel!

Welcome to the place where I blog about recipes I collect


Welcome to the new home where I store potentially and confirmed delicious baking and cooking recipes.

I really enjoy cooking and baking. When I was young, the domestic queen in my life made so many things: clothes, candies, garden vegetables, meals and baked goods from scratch. Her example solidified in my mind that any taste that I am interested in creating I can make with research, the right ingredients and determination.

I needed a new home for recipes that I post to social networks. I was having to look through many posts in order to find recipes to be added to my weekly meal menu. So here it is. I hope that you enjoy the recipes and my thoughts on the recipes.



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